This year was indeed an eldritch one, where a teeny tiny organism strived to turn the human race irenic. Quite ironic.

2020 was a lot.

Lost an ardent, mad-keen love early this year. And tried to find missing pieces of myself in the dappled leaves of golden pothos, scintillating fins of my first fish, renovating the inanimate companions of my apartment, finding poetry in the intertwined knots of my multicolored hair, capturing Bengaluru’s tinted skylines, in the effort of living alone and managing all errands with a demanding work profile, painting and writing for 31 days straight and raising 111K for social good, living through a hundred songs, stories, recipes, experiences – and growing to be the bucolic, wholesome version I am today. 2020 was indeed a lot!

I have learned to accept the world the way it is – nothing but a coiled basket of opportunities and uncertainties. The key is to make the most of it. I hope you had some silver linings too. But if you didn’t I hope you have the muscle to say goodbye to all the brine in your eyes, and the strength to keep going.

This is the year that woke us up and taught us a thousand things. The most important being – that there is strength in empathy. And I hope it stays.

Today, as the skies turn tangerine purple and we near 2020’s farewell, let’s peep in our hearts for the magnificent fireworks and sing sanguine songs with our heartbeats. Let’s hold each other closer, and raise our spirits higher and higher to conquer all battles together – one day at a time, one dream at a time.

Happy 2021 and carpe diem! :)))))