What a month! What a fucking beautiful month! October 2020 started with increment communication and ended with overachieving the fundraiser targets! When I ran an instagram poll on what I should do this October, it was a cut throat competition between writing and painting. I remember my colleague saying I voted for painting because you’d need an extra push there.

I remember calling a few close friends doubting myself about taking up the challenge. And here we are today, on the thirty first of october with 31 writings, 31 paintings and 80K for fundraising.

It took a lot of commitment, strength, discipline and time management to pull this off while managing a global work profile and the usual errands all my myself. There were days I struggled to crawl out of bed and days where I posted at 11:55 PM, I was tired and sometimes mentally dead.

The best part is not about completing the challenge peeps. It’s about the ones who got inspired and joined in my journey. Darshita Srivastava and Stefan Sebastian Stef, take a bow and raise a toast! Thank you for your constant encouragement and tremendous support! <3

Heartfelt thanks to my parents for imbibing the core values of discipline and resilience, Dr Prakash, Varsha, my heartstrings – Rucha, Surabhi, Dr Manasi, Sarvesh Kashelikar, Prerna Maheshwari, Anuj, Chaudhari, Tooshima Sarkar, Priyanka Iyer followed by Shiwani Varma Vyas for all the lessons on plans and strategies, readers and well-wishers for rising against hunger and Akash Shembekar for wrapping up my fundraiser! Hugs to each one of you!

It’s been a fucking beautiful month. Let me go, grab a bite, shed a happy tear, and embrace my withdrawal symptoms. I can feel their vibe!

Once again, thanks you all for joining the Inktober tribe! :’)


Kefi ~ a Greek word which roughly translates to the spirit of joy, passion, euphoria, enthusiasm, exuberance, frenzy.

prompt: award + crawl