there’s a six year old
living next door,
who meets me
once in a while
around evening,
as I capture
the city’s tinted skylines

today, he was really quiet
engrossed in narrating
math tables to himself
while his mother and I
were talking about deaths
and the unprecedented times

he heard our conversation
about sudden demises
and souls so sublime.

came running, and spoke,
spoke in a rushed voice

akka, you know
nanu lives in the sky no,
so nani told me
he’s decorating it up
and will be ordering toys
for my birthday
next thursday

but I’m not sure if
we will receive them
amidst this locked stay.

will we mumma?
umm, not sure but…

no wait,
first tell me, mumma,
can’t we just book an uber
and navigate on the star maps,
I guess that would be
the fastest possible way!

magari ~ an Italian word with no direct English translation, but it’s like saying perhaps/maybe with a sense of hopefulness