Thursdays are super packed usually. Even today was the same – juggling between work and color palettes. I had a long, eventful and splendid one with an award and increments today!

Merrily, I shared the certificate with my parents and called them up when I took a break. They congratulated and wish me all of life’s success.

Dad cracked some lame puns and mom said we already have sweets at home to celebrate.

I might have never told my dad in person that I admire his discipline and mom for her resilience to be precise. These virtues help me to smoothly manage a global work profile, inktober, fundraising, daily chores, cooking and everything in between.

“Your shoes are too big too fill, you guys!” I said as my phone’s camera tried absorbing some warmth.

They looked at each other and said –
“Who cares about shoes, Shalaka?”
“Our joyous hearts are overflowing!”

naches ~ pride or gratification, especially at the achievements of one’s children.

prompt: shoes