I have stayed locked in for a few hours daily
since I was seven or eight
we had a cosy apartment
and my mom had taken up
classical music lectures
and dad was in the last leg his doctorate

they thought this situation would be
a recipe for disaster
as i’d create a mess in the kitchen or
may be dismantle few electronic gadgets

they were spot on about the mess,
but I constructed bridges and walls,
and then, residential complexes,
and amusement parks
with notebooks, rulers,
hot wheels and pens!

every single day, i’d wait for them
to come and reveal my civil instincts,
to see if they can view the edifice
through my lens.

well, they did, and thought
I’d be an architect instead –
and as I would like to believe,
I became one,
slightly jumping the fence.

just that, I don’t build walls,
but just bridges – with words,
parks with musings,
and societies with
observational intricate details –

work site may be a bean bag,
a graveyard or even a riverbed
as I’d like to narrate –
I’m an abode of millions and millions
of ‘storeys’ in my head.

paracosm ~ a detailed imaginary world created by a child.