hey there’s someone
hiding behind the
dry leaves of our peepal tree
would you like to come
and stroll with me?

we’ll rub the magic lantern
borrow Aladdin’s carpet
and sail over the sea

would you like to cloud hop?
jump in the sky puddles of
pitter-patter drip-drops
or would you like to fly
carefree and happy high?

we’d do everything we can,
wave to the lost stars
and bow to the batman

and I fear, once we land
on the waxen curvature
it will be soon time to pack

it will be a wonderful
home-coming I promise,
on loop, we’ll play
your favorite Coldplay track

I know I am blabbering a lot

I just wanted to explain
my journey of experiences
when I say
love you to the moon,
and back.

qamar ~ moon in urdu

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