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The Lachrymose

And then suddenly, none aware

Fear tickles us and we panic

Rat-a-tat of guns

Destroys the peace and mirth

Those affected by mayhem

In that jeopardy, grenade us

That rampageous attack

There’s ruckus. There’s uproar.

My fellow cries, dies

In the gory battle of life…

Seems like the time has stopped

But the pang of pity doesn’t end

Life is stagnant

And only blood flows

Hush fells over, grabbed by fear!

A sight of lachrymose

Infant in his mom’s hand wails

He became a forlorn

To him how shall I tell?

Moving to wipe off his tears,

But how could I do it before?

I’m not there, I’m no more!


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