when I first met you
at maclaren’s
the wind was dark
and clouds ominous enough
warning signs of a hurricane

little did I know back then
little did I know back then

you thought I was looking for
directions and I nodded
I have a hazy memory but you
offered me some coffee I guess

we spoke for a while
took a long stroll at Central park
you showed me museums, and zoos
with fossils and giraffes

on the brooklyn bridge
you realised you forgot to ask my name
and asked for my digits instead

you saved my number in a language
I couldn’t read or comprehend

you called me as I left,
and in 5 days
we moved into your apartment

fifteen months later
we married in a chapel,
warmed our honeymoon in a tent

It’s strange how one weak moment
can knock down your bones
and heat up your nerves –
creating a hearty torpedo of insanity

crazy – i’d like to believe
love is love for what it is,
a wazzock in itself

hope you’re glad because
it all started with me lying
I’m new to new york city…

wazzock ~ a complete idiot
prompt: ominous