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Content is the king, queen, no, in today’s day and age, content is everything. Yeah being content with your life too! You got that right! In my zine, I write about content and communications – from micro-fiction to neuromarketing and all the branding jargons in between!

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The Intriguing Psychology of Fear Appeal in Advertising

We all have brought refined oils due to cholesterol threats. We have pushed friends to quit smoking after watching the dreadful commercials in movie theatres. And we have all thought of buying life insurance, thinking of our loved ones post our sundown. Haven’t we? A teeny tiny trigger – that’s all we need! We are all scared. Especially given the pandemic, we are even more cautious about our health and lives. Read more.

A Beginner’s Guide to Gender-Neutral Communications

The times, they are a-changing.

Brands, lives, perspectives, habits, consumer behaviour and hence, advertising techniques too. The generation is becoming open and accepting of gender fluidity. More and more millennials are stepping up to support, appreciate and embrace the LGBTQ communities. 🏳️‍🌈 Read more.

A-Z of Neuromarketing (Part I)

What is Neuromarketing?well, apart from being the talk of the marketing town.
Before we move to Neuromarketing, let’s understand what is Neuroscience – It is the study of the nervous system, from single-cell processes to simple nervous systems (snails, leeches, etc.), to a complex whole-brain (mammals etc.) and Neuromarketing is the commercial use of neuroscience tools & insights to measure, understand, and affect consumer behaviours as stated by Neurons Academy. Read more.